My Diet and Nutrition Consultation

Dietary Counseling is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. It is based on the concepts of seasonal eating, eating according to your bodymind type, general guidelines about the relationship between foods, eating styles, and healthy digestion, and specific foods for specific diseases and patterns of disharmony.

Traditional Dietary Counseling is also based on traditional understandings of the role of good digestion in health, ergo the old Chinese medical folkway, “Good digestion, good sleep, good prognosis.” In Ayurvedic the central element of good health is the efficient conversion of foodstuffs into energy by the healthy digestive fire, or Agni. Without this process, Ama or toxins pollute the body, leading to disease formation according to your individual doshic imbalance.

As you can see, good digestion and transformation of food into energy is, along with oxygen and a healthy mental outlook, the source of health.

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