Acupuncture for Tension Headaches

Myofascial Chinese Acupuncture utilizes the knowledge of anatomically described trigger and motor points, along with the Acupuncture Channels described in Classical Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture for headaches - BodyMindWellnessCenter.comWhere this is stagnation there is pain and where there is pain there is stagnation, so says the ancient classics. They also say, “the mind leads the qi.” So often the stagnation that causes chronic pain is the result of tight shortened muscles and fascia due to stress, frustration, and emotional factors.

The best way to bring these muscles and fascia back to homeostasis, which means allowing them to loosen and return to their normal length, is by releasing or de-activating the trigger points and motor points. This causes the characteristic twitch of the muscular spindle that indicates healing occurs. New blood flows in and washes away toxins, the muscles and fascia lengthen, relieving pressure on the joints, tendons and ligament.

Here is a treatment for relief of dizziness and pain due to strain from work and family issues. Patient describes the sensation of feeling tight and “blocked” in his head, with pain, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating.

Treatment was based on deactivating trigger point in the attachments of the upper trapezius at the occipital bone, of the attachments of the Levator Scapula muscle at the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae, of the great motor point of the Upper Trapezius that corresponds to our Gall Bladder 21 act point, releasing the paravertebral muscles of the neck, as well as drawing the Qi away from the head by opening up the Rhomboids and Infraspinatus muscles.
Acupuncture Points on the “Du/governing vessel” extraordinary channel was employed to open up the circulation of the Qi from the head and neck down through the spine to the cocyxx. Additionally acupuncture points were selected on the back at the Gan and Zhi Shu points to open the flow of Qi through the Liver and Kidney organ systems that govern the circulation of Qi and that pull Qi downward from the head.

Afterwards spirit calming points were employed on the front of the patients body, such as Yin Tang, and the combination of the Liver Mu points with Lung 7, LI 4, Gb 34 and Sp 6 to release pent up energy, relax the connective tissue and nourish the blood.

Patient felt immediate improvement by end of treatment and all symptoms were gone after 3 treatments along with the Chinese Herb formula Xiao Chai Hu Tang, as also a course of Magnesium Fumarate.

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